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Heidi Hauge was born in Skien, Norway. Besides the fact that Heidi Hauge is the best selling country-singer in Scandinavia, her first CD, "Country Time", was released in March 2000. It wasn't hard, for the record company to see that they made the catch of the year.
"Country Rose", Heidi's second CD, was released in January 2001, and no more than two months later it had sold beyond the 25 000 copies that recognize a CD as a gold record. "Showtime Records" released no more than 6 months later even a new album with Heidi Hauge titled "Country Girl", and it became her bestselling album ever. "Country Girl" sold more than 100 000 copies and reached Gold/Platinum in Norway and Gold in Denmark.  Even though Heidi Hauge at this time hadn't performed in Sweden, she sold reasonable well to make it as number 21 on the Swedish chart. The title song "I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again" became also Number 1 on many Country Music Radio Stations charts all over the world. Heidi released her next album "Country Blue" in 2002 and it became a new Gold/Platinum in Norway and Gold in Denmark. The title track on "Country Blue" was an old Dwight Yoakam classic "Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose", and it became Heidi's signature song.  Even this song reached Number 1 on Country Music Stations all over the world and brought Heidi to be one of the most played Country Music Artists.  She was placed as Number 1 on an Indie World Wide Chart several months in a row, and in 2003 Heidi was nominated by the Major Country Music Association (CMA) to the first "Global Artist Award"  www.cmaworld.com

In spite of her success, Heidi Hauge sometimes gets critic for her personal and characteristic way of singing, but by selling 500.000 records, she has proved to be a full-worthy artist within the Norwegian Country.